Saves up to 85% energy

A total solution – Efficient distribution of energy between heating, warm water production, ventilation and cooling. Reuses energy and uses local energy sources more efficiently.

Saves space

Maximizes saleable area and volume of buildings. Mounted in or in the vicinity of the outer wall and therefore does not take up extra space.

More comfortable

Our patented product makes less noise, avoids “hot spots” and “cold spots”, and minimizes turbulent ventilation flows.


Heating, cooling, warm water and ventilation in synergy.

  • A total solution – Efficient distribution of energy between heating, warm water production, ventilation and cooling
  • More efficient use of local energy sources
  • Streamlining of air flows in the building
  • Stabilization of the energy contributions via underfloor heating
  • Decentralized system – avoids ventilation of unusable space
  • Invisible and does not take up any space
  • Elimination of supply air channels
  • Avoids ”hot spots” and ”cold spots”

The patented unit

  • Transfers heat to warm water production
  • Ensures good ventilation with control of CO2 levels
  • Utilizes low air flows
  • Utilizes low temperature differences
  • Uses water as a heat carrier
  • Dual functions – able to both heat and cool fresh air
  • WWF, Global Focus

    The organization, Global Focus, chose on behalf of the WWF 12 Swedish companies whose products have the potential to substantially reduce the emissions of carbon dioxide. The jury was international, with an important condition being the product would be relevant and financially feasible for use even in countries like India and China. REHACT is one of those twelve companies.

  • Green Mentorship Award

    In december 2011 REHACT and CEO Svante Bengtsson won the Green Mentorship Award. The award meant London based super entrepreneur and Skype billionaire Niklas Zennström during 2012 engaged himself and his network of connections in the company. The result have been a increased level of ambition, which is now being executed.

  • Dutch Postcode Lottery Green Challenge

    In september 2011, REHACT was chosen as one of the six Green Challenge finalists, from over six hundred contributions from all over the world.

  • One Big Thing, the ”A”-list

    The U.S. Embassy in Stockholm has compiled a short list of Swedish companies that they believe have interesting technologies in green technology for the U.S. market. The list is used to match companies with potential business partners in the U.S., but the Swedish companies on the list have also been highlighted by companies in other countries. REHACT is on the list since 2008.

  • Nordic Council of Ministers’ Nature and Environment Prize

    In 2008 REHACT was one of the ten finalists for the Nordic Council of Ministers large nature and environment prize. The jury’s motivation was the great environmental benefits Rehact Energy System enables for the real estate portfolio.

  • International Invention Fair of the Middle East

    REHACT was invited by The Kuwait Science Club to present the Rehact Energy System at the second international innovators’ fair in Kuwait in 2008. REHACT received two silver medals in the categories energy and ventilation. A very important recognition of the fact that the concept is interesting even in warm climate countries.

  • Best CSR Entrepreneur 2008

    Awarded by Swedish Crown Princess Viktoria with the motivation:

    ”To change and improve the efficiency within the construction sector through an innovation connecting heating, cooling and ventilation. Thereby recycling energy already available within the system.”

  • Venture Cup, 2008

    REHACT won the category ”Best CleanTech Startup” in the Nordic final in Copenhagen.

  • The R. Michael Pack Award for Environmental Awareness in Entrepreneurship

    Handed out at the Venture Challenge in San Diego, USA, 2008. It was awarded with the motivation that Rehact’s intelligent energy system substantially lowers the need for externally provided energy, which in turn has a very positive impact on the environment.

  • The Craig P. Dunn Award for Social Innovation in Entrepreneurship

    Handed out at the Venture Challenge in San Diego, USA, 2008. Awarded with the motivation that Rehact’s intelligent energy system not only lowers the overall energy need, but also increases overall comfort levels within a building.